Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We eat, sleep and shower just like everyone else. Well.. sometimes.

If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.- Benjamin Franklin

I wish I could film every minute of my life and then add commentary. Not that anybody except for me and maybe God would be interested in watching it. I don't know why I feel called to write. Perhaps it's because I know I'm blessed so I think I have to share in order to seem grateful enough. It could be that I want an outlet for all my crazy thoughts, goals and dreams or maybe it's just that I need a witness to my life. In any case, I don't ever want to stop writing. I've been keeping a hand-written journal since I was 13 and I just love to go back to the beginning and read until I fall asleep. It's invigorating to see years in the space of a few hours. It gets me excited to keep living so that I can keep writing. 

As a new mom, my life has gotten incredibly exciting and so very very wonderful. I'm actually having a hard time writing because my 6-week-old baby boy is laying next to me on the rocking chair and just staring at me and talking. In fact, I almost feel guilty for not just staring right back at him until he falls asleep. I read a cute note today on facebook that said, "There's this boy who stole my heart. He calls me mom." Levi can't talk yet, but it makes me happy that when he starts talking, I'm the lucky one he'll call mommy. 

Before I was a mom, I thought I knew what my life would be like with a baby and I had everything planned out. Within the first 24 hours of having a newborn, I knew I'd spend the next 18 years forgetting everything I said I would and would never do with regards to raising my children. You can't judge a mom. A mom has got to do whatever she has got to do to keep her sanity. I used to think it would be easy being a mom. Now I just know that it's worth it. And despite all the silly people in the world who say you aren't living if you spend the best years of your life raising children instead of travelling the world, there's nothing I would rather be doing. But in case those of you who are waiting until the magic number 30 to start your families are mocking me, let me tell you, moms are people too. We have feelings, we need to eat once in a while, and contrary to popular belief we feel like our lives have meaning, purpose, and direction. It's a noble and daunting task to shape the character of a human being. Each of our roots were first sown in our mothers arms. It's is my greatest joy to be able to say, "I'm just a mom."

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  1. Being a mom really is the most rewarding job. No one understands just how hard yet amazing it is till they have their own! I would rather travel the world with my family than alone.
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