Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hi. My name is Nicole. I'm a chocaholic.

Today, F is for Five-minutes. 5 minutes to get type this up and get the baby to bed. So, while he cries because he is tired, I will simply bullet-point my latest thoughts.

  • F is for FAIL. I totally failed on the dailly blog-writing. Apologies are in order.
  • F is for Family. On a good note, I've been spending quality time with my incredible family. Levi makes every day so wonderful with his smiles and giggles and just the way he looks at me. I am totally in love with him.
  • F is for Fruits and Vegetables. Jason and I have started exercising together and eating healthier. The only problem is that I'm addicted to chocolate. I seriously am salivating as I'm typing the word chocolate. It's bad. I try to justify it by saying that dark chocolate is good for your heart or something, but I know deep down, it's just an excuse to make my way to the Ghirardelli section of the grocery store.  

Alright, bedtime. See you tomorrow! Maybe :)


  1. Chocolate is healthy! If not for your waistline, especially for your brain. And heart. Yup. :)

  2. Keep up your wonderful writings. I look forward to them. It brings back memories of raising my own children. Time goes by so fast. My children are grown up now and are happy and independent. The one thing they need is lots of love and I know you are a terrific mom. P.S. I love chocolate too!