Wednesday, June 6, 2012

H... call me a Hippie

There are a few things that are very "hippie" about me, and many things that not. But I proudly claim the title when it comes to health and peace. A few of the hippie things about me...

  • I had a my baby naturally and at home. And I will never do it ANY OTHER WAY. I respect all birthing methods and think a woman should be able to choose what she is most comfortable with to go through what could be the hardest thing she ever does. I just happen to choose to do it in the comfort and safety of my own home. 
  • Essential Oils. Sometimes I laugh at myself when I think of all the things I naturally lean toward. I simply feel like I'm a more informed citizen and I don't buy into the "only doctors know how to heal" mindset. Really, please just think about it for a second. I have nothing against doctors. I just have something against having a pill for everything from "shift work disorder" (feeling tired at work) to ODD (obsessive disobedience disorder). Can't we just take care of our bodies and let them heal themselves? How can we expect to feel good if we are breaking the Lord's commandments concerning our bodies? Anyway, I believe that God put herbs on earth as nature's medicine. Essential oils are my go-to when I have allergies, feel nauseous, or can't sleep. Besides them having no side effects, they are entirely natural and extremely inexpensive. 
  • Which brings me to another thing: I do not like the government's attitude that it's their job to fix everything. Enough said. Talking about politics just makes me mad.
  • Conspiracy theories. Alright, you may have already lost some respect for me, but I must say, you're an idiot if you believe what the media tells you. Should we even get into this? Just send me a message if you really want me to talk about my own theories... 
  • Yoga- I LOVE yoga. That's actually what inspired this post. I was feeling crappy so I did some yoga and now I feel incredible!
Ways in which I am not a hippie: Sorry, I'm far from sexually open. No free love here. I believe in monogamous eternal relationships that are wholesome and defined by charity. Also I'm a terrible environmentalist. I don't recycle, my car gets 15 miles to the gallon, and I am what my sister calls, a "city girl." Alright, so that wraps up tonight's "secrets of a hippie yogi." Adios!

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  1. Love this haha! are you a "conspiracy theorist"? lol