Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jason and Jammin

My J today is about my incredible husband Jason. He deserves a shout out because he makes my world go 'round. I would not be as incredibly happy as I am today with a husband who does so much for me and loves me without conditions. Jason is really a rare catch. When we were dating he was so sweet to me. The first birthday I celebrated with him, he sent me flowers and a poem he had written. Even though he's a manly man, he sure has a tender side and knows how to get to my heart. One thing about my sweet husband is that he is very thoughtful. He pays attention to what I like and always remembers to do something special for every occasion. I love my husband!
My other J- jammin'. Dancing happens to be something that both my husband and I love, but are not talented at. AT ALL. Seriously- unless you want a really good laugh, you do not want to see either of us dance. Levi gets a kick out of it though. :)

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