Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 W's and an H... WHO

Who: Myself, Jason, Levi and the mystery baby.

We've officially moved our entire family to cold country in Rexburg, Idaho. Everybody knows how moving goes. It bites. You touch every single thing you own and have to somehow pack it into organized square boxes and then fit everything in one truck. But despite moving getting a bad rap, the hard part is finally over and it went surprisingly well. (Although I seem to be missing a few things.)

I'm loving the snow and the real winter weather. After growing up with cold winters, it was actually very refreshing and little exciting to see a snow-covered town. I'm SO excited to get everything unpacked so that I can start on my long list of ambitious DIY home decor projects. I'll be posting about them as I finish. I'm also looking forward to hopefully making some new friends here. I miss all my girls in Vegas and wish I could just have them over for a nail polish night and never let them leave... (insert: tears of sadness). In any case, I'm really excited about this new adventure that we are on together. It's going to be great!

Jason starts school in the morning at 7:45. He's taking a lot of hard classes such as Calculus and Chemistry, but I have full confidence in his abilities and his determination. It's a big leap of faith for him to leave a good paying job to go back to school and trust that everything will work out the way it's supposed to. He's mentioned a few times already how different his experience here has already been from the last time he spent a winter in Rexburg. The biggest difference being that our apartment is actually warm! As long as we have a warm place to live, we can handle all the cold outside.

Levi is doing so well with the move. He is his normal, happy, cute self and talks and plays all day long. He keeps us entertained with his dancing, laughing, and crazy baby words. Levi has made our lives so much fun. He is enjoying his own room and mom can't wait to decorate it!

Mystery baby is still a mystery and will remain so until we can schedule an ultrasound and find the midwife we want to use. I'm anxious to find out the gender of our baby who is at this moment kicking up a storm. I look forward to the birth with excitement but also a lot of anxiety. I'm just not sure what it will be like to have 2 kids! It's gotten so easy to handle one and I want to just enjoy that while I can!

We are so excited to be here in Rexburg for our new adventure and can't wait to see what the future holds!

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