Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby is asleep and waiting for a phone call

It's not every day you find yourself posing the question, "Hmmm.... what should I do now?" Well there's actually plenty to do, but when I'm overwhelmed I procrastinate. Tomorrow our family is headed to Idaho for a nice Easter vacation with my family. (Hooray!!!) Did I mention that I'm in dire need of a vacation? The only thing I'm not in need of is 8 hours of a fussy baby in his carseat. Why can't he just tell me why he hates his carseat so much so that I can try to fix it? In any case, by this time tomorrow it will all be over and we will be taking it easy for a few days.

Yesterday I was looking through the (586) pictures and videos of Levi that I have on my phone, starting with day one and just watching him grow right in front of my eyes. It makes me remember how fascinated we were (and still are) with this little guy who has come into our life. He is such a cutie. This video is taken from my favorite angle. He loves looking at us at eye level and he's getting so good at holding up his head! I usually mention "grandma and grandpa" in the videos because I am always sending them off to Idaho to that my family can feel a little closer.
Yes, he is a little gassy! But who could disagree with the fact that this kid is beyond adorable!?

On a side note, I must say something about blogs that I want all of my readers to realize. This also goes for facebook, pinterest, and other such internet sensations. This morning I was reading a few blogs, still in my pajamas, yesterday's makeup still on my face, nursing my baby. I caught myself thinking that all these people have such perfect storybook lives. They play games with their cute kids, they sew incredible dresses for their adorable little girls, and their houses are palaces full of perfectly polished picture DIY decor. It made me think, why can't I be so organized and crafty and super mom? Then I had to reprimand myself. Silly me- of course nobody is going to put anything about how many diapers they've changed that day or the tantrum their 3 year old threw. I recall the words of President Uchtdorf, "God is well aware that you are not perfect. He is also well aware that the people who you think are perfect are not perfect." It's nice to have a reality check once in a while. So to get to my point, no, my life is not perfect. I'm terribly flawed and doing the best I can. So don't forget when you read my blog or anyone else's that we are not goddesses, just human beings. My life is normal and I love to revel in the things that are wonderful.

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  1. My nephew is so cute!!! Good luck with your trip tomorrow girly, I'll be praying for you! :)