Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's be Adventurers

Over the years, I've lived in a total of 21 houses or apartments. Some for just a few weeks and the longest ones for a few years. This may have instilled in me a certain excitement that comes with moving in to a new place or driving into a town you've never seen before, knowing that you'll be making a life there from scratch. Both Jason and I love going new places and discovering the little treasures every town has.

Lately, Levi and I have been getting a little restless in the house. We've made numerous trips to the grocery store, a nice trip to the Teton Dam Museum, and a couple short ventures to the local library. But most of the time we pretend our house is a huge mansion with many undiscovered rooms that are full of mysteries. This is what Levi looks like when he's found something exciting.

This time it was Goldfish. Of course, he's still in pajamas, no pants, and his hair is getting so long that he has bed head all day long. (Jason cuts it, but has been so busy with homework lately.) I love everything about our days together. Levi is the sweetest little man. He kisses my belly constantly while making a clicking sound with his tongue. He's going to be the best big brother. 

What would I do without my amazing family to go on adventures with? 

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