Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ok, ok... I'll blog.

If you get offended by a video making fun of "hipsters", does it mean you're a hipster? I hardly know what that means. Maybe it was the blogging part of it. Just because I blog does not make me a hipster. Would it be so bad if I was labeled as one? That was just a side note. Not really what I was going to write about tonight. But while I'm on that note, I'm definitely a fan of being a unique individual. Why WOULD you want to be like everyone else? If you end up being normal just being yourself, that's cool. But if you're kinda nerdy  or you're a little strange when it comes to normal, who cares? You're you! What's really not cool is pretending you're something you're not and trying to be like someone else because you think they're happier or better or cooler than you. Be the best version of yourself. In the words of Oscar Wilde,

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

 If you're interested, here's the video.

I'm not highly offended by it. It's actually kinda funny. But I'm not trendy enough to really know the definition of hipster so it got me wondering.

Alright, so now the real reason behind my post: the last week. Perhaps a bit less entertaining than the aforementioned video. We had a lovely Valentines day on our nonexistent limited college family budget. We bought a pack of "cuties" for Levi. The cutest guy in my heart... ah... I love him. I did a last minute corny gift for Jason using some cheesy version of "I'm hooked on you" or something like that, attached to a bag of gummy worms. The fact that they were sour worms redeemed it a little bit. Jason thoughtfully gifted me 3 (yes three- one for me, one for the little guy inside and one for good luck.) apple fritters from our new favorite doughnut shop. Breakfast was an adorable waffle with heart shaped strawberries. What a sweetheart my husband is.

We had a midwife appointment on Tuesday with the only midwives in town who will deliver at home. (Welcome to Rexburg, Land of limited choices in absolutely every area you can possible imagine.) They certainly aren't my favorite midwife- April Kermani, but I'm sure they'll "deliver" when the time comes. (Did anybody actually laugh at that? Or should I just delete it...) Our baby is as healthy as can be and has the most glorious sounding heartbeat. He is just beautiful. I can't wait to meet him! Poor kid doesn't have a name yet, but we are working on it!

Honestly, the reason I haven't updated the blog in a week is because I have been SO tired. I don't know why. Besides the usual "I'm pregnant" excuse, I really don't have any reason. Maybe I don't need one. So on that note, goodnight! Oh- and keep your eyes open for a fun post soon. I've got a project to share with you! An exciting one!

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